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Copper, is an element that is foundWATER 533 355 in nature and is absolutely friendly to the environment, is used in water networks from the time of the Pharaohs up to our days.
Nevertheless, it is only recently that scientists have found the benefits of copper to public health.
The antimicrobial properties of copper can help maintaining the purity of drinking water.
It has been shown that the use of copper is hampering the growth of micro-organisms that grow in water and thrive in drinking water systems, such as bacteria, viruses, algae, and parasites.
These micro-organisms, including the legionella disease, a deadly bacterium E.Coli and the polio virus, pose risks to human health.
Typically mention that laboratory investigation on samples of water that remained in antiquated copper networks for 24 hours, showing a reduction of the type 1 polio virus by 97% and type 2 by 96%.
In new copper piping, 80% of type 2 polio virus was eliminated within 3 hours and was completely eliminated within 24 hours.
The agencies and health services throughout the world, are turning to copper to gain prominence in the fight against resistant microbes.



vrisiThe Environmental Protection Agency of the United States is already in the process of ratification of antibacterial properties of copper.
The results, which are expected in the short term, will make copper the first material with official recognition far antibacterial properties.
Clinical trials examining surfaces of copper and alloys and how they affect the survival of microbes are already underway in hospitals of England, Japan, USA, South Africa, Germany and Denmark.
Typical example is the clinical trial at Selly Oaks hospital, in a wing where all surfaces of stainless steel have been replaced by copper (handles, sink taps, flush buttons, utility rods used by patients for them to move, even pens used by staff).

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