The future of earth is based on the use of environmentally-friendly materials and the management of their waste through recycling at the end of their life.
Recent directives and regulations have begun to incorporate in the requirements of modern building some new criteria.
Parameters such as the average life-cycle of material, its effects on the environment and recyclability, are considered in detail.
Generally, we are presented with a new challenge, the increasingly unseated examination of the environmental effects in the selection of constructing materials.

Wishing to contribute to the effort to save our planet, we are obliged to use environmentally friendly materials and which can be recycled at any time.
Copper is ecologically acceptable, 100% recyclable material and supports all renewable sources of energy, such as solar energy, contributing positively to the conservation of the environment on our planet.


It is important to know that 41% of copper used in Europe comes from recycling.





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