SONNE AKTION LTD was created with a philosophy focused on quality, innovation and respect to the environment. It produces top quality products with long lifespan.

Its long term evolution is based on steady steps, aiming to continuous product improvement and using cutting-edge technology.

Having a particular sensitivity to environmental issues, it has chosen copper as raw material for the production of the top solar water heaters SONNE AKTION (storage tanks, collectors, boilers).

Copper is a fully recyclable element, totally compatible with the environment.

In order to face the upcoming challenges, SONNE AKTION Ltd is staffed with people who have the “know-how”, appreciate the quality and work with passion in order to respond promptly to the needs and demands of the market.

At the private modern facilities at Schimatari are produced all the products, which are controlled strictly step - by - step at all stages of the production.

SONNE AKTION LTD has installed and maintains a quality management system in the production and trading of solar systems ISO 9001: 2015.

The SONNE AKTION products are certified by the European SOLAR KEYMARK, according to EN 12975 & EN 12976 standards.

All the products are also accompanied by performance measurements by the Greek institutes DEMOKRITOS and ELOT, in accordance with the international standards.

We are able to plan and execute both large and small orders for every point of the planet with seriousness and enthusiasm.

We believe in long term relationships and we are ready to face any desire and any demand.

Certified products according to international standards

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14451 Metamorfosi, Athens, Greece

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