Electric installation  

Electric installation of Sonne Aktion system:


  • you must close the general power switch first.

  •  Remove the side lid of the storage tank, from the side of the resistance.

  •  The connection of the thermostat to the electrical resistance is already made by the manufacturer.

  • Check whether the terminal nuts are tightly attached.




The thermostat is set at 60o c. It can be configured in different temperature through the temperature regulator.

Don’t adjust the thermostat at a temperature above 75o C.

Check the setting of the thermostat’s safety.

The thermostat's safety is in operation when is pressed inside.

You have to pass the power cord through the corresponding hole, which is located on the lid covering the resistance and execute the electrical connections carefully.

Basic regulations:

All electrical connections must be made in accordance with to the local regulations and also in accordance with the conditions prevailing in the building to which it is installed.
All electrical connections must be made by licensed electrician.
Do not use electrical resistance with an empty storage tank.
Connect the system with 3 x 4 m² cables and safety switch at the table should be bipolar, with break contacts of at least 3 mm.




20 brass pressurized resistance base
21 copper resistance element
22 thermostat receptor
23 EPDM rubber for sealing
24 brass flange
25 8 pcs screws M8
26 porcelain sealant
27 receivers’ terminal
28 receiver’s terminal nuts
29 washers
30 thermostat
31 phase
32, 33 connection with resistance’s terminals
34 neutral
35 temperature regulator
36 thermal safety
37 copper receptor of grounding
38 terminal block base
39 terminal block
40 copper connection contact, thermostat terminal
41 phase cable
42 earthing cable
43 neutral cable



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