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The solar system SONNE Aktion designed in the light of the high yield, mechanical strength, easy installation and maximum lifespan.
All parts of the solar system are made of excellent materials, in accordance with international standards and regulations to ensure the longevity, strength and value for money of your investment.
The innovative design - construction of water storage tank and collectors ensure a high degree of efficiency in all weather conditions, while the high stability and mechanical strength basis, providing safe and stable support of the solar system.
The assembly of the solar system is fairly easy as you will see, considering the directions for use - installation below.

The solar systems SONNE Aktion are available in the following models:











160 L



 1.00 x 2.00  = 2.00



200 L



1.20 x 2.00  = 2.40



300 L



1.00 x 2.00  = 4.00






To calculate the capacity of the storage tank that will cover your needs, a simple way is to multiply the people who will serve the solar system by 40 litres for each person.
If you have to provide hot water by the solar system to a dishwater or a hydro massage bath you should gauge at least 30 to 40 litres per extra case
General rules for mounting a solar system


Before starting the assembly of a solar heater please remember:

Initially, it should be commonly agreed the most appropriate place for support and placement of the solar heater SONNE AKTION, from its owner and the installer.

The placement spot must be stable and capable of withstanding the weight, on the grounds that the solar system has a given volume and weight, according to the selected model.

Arrange, prior to installation, to a distance of at least one meter between the support base of the system and the edge of the roof.

The solar system should be placed in such a way that collectors have orientation to the south.

The optimum angle of inclination adopted by the company is 40 degrees to the horizontal support.

The point that we place the solar system should be as close as possible to consume and should not be shadow (possible cases of shadowing include: trees, buildings, existing solar systems or natural barrier).

In the event that we are unable to avoid these obstacles, note the following factors:

• If the shadowing is partial and not total during the day, we choose mounting position that does not have shade from 10:00 to 14:00.
At this time of the day, the energy rewards of the system, in a day full of sunshine, cover 95% of system’s performance. For this reason we prefer, if possible, this position to support the solar system.
• Again if for reason of natural barriers, we cannot have exact position orientation to the south and deviate in other directions, we modify the collectible surface of the system (adding collector) to have in this way the maximum efficiency of our solar system.

In all hydraulic connections should use sealing (e.g. Teflon)

The connection of the electrical resistance should be done by a licensed electrician.

Before connecting the electrical resistance, you must fill the storage tank with water and perform evaporation from a hot-water faucet.

The thermal fluid which is provided in the package should be inserted to the closed circuit, after dissolved by water.

In no case should you remove the paper package of the collectors, before you fill up the closed circuit with the thermal fluid, because it may cause crystal breakage into the collector.

Protect connections and pipe work with appropriate insulation, in accordance with the needs of each region.

To avoid the creation of air bubbles inside the closed circuit, it is essential to leveling system.

The leveling held in support base, when fitting, but also to the collectors.

In case of emptying the closed circuit you should cover the collectors’ surface.

It is necessary condition the proper placement and regularization of all piping installation of the solar system, to prevent decay and destruction of pipelines with the passage of time.

After the completion of the installation of the solar system, we collect all unnecessary objects and we clean its surroundings.

We must always keep in mind that we clean and respect the environment.


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For each problem contact with the local service company


Orientation and Leveling System

The maximization of the incident solar radiation on the surface of the collector, is achieved when the collector is oriented towards the south, namely the surface of the collector is directly across from the south, but for the northern hemisphere and across the north over the south hemisphere. Fig 1

Diversification in orientating as above leads to a reduction of the incident radiation because you are failing to take full advantage of the overall path of the sun during the day. So you have a reduced performance on your system.

In case of natural barriers or construction problems, you should use more collectible surface to be able to satisfy the energy losses that will be created.


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