If your SONNE AKTION solar system is not producing hot water for use


Is there a greater consumption of hot water (beyond the ordinary)?
If there is any leakage in the piping along the distribution network of hot water please attend to repair it.
If the surface of the collectors is not pure and is covered with dust or any other
impurities that have fallen onto, you should clean them immediately.
Monitor the purity of the collector's surface regularly (every 2 to 3 months).
Furthermore, you should check whether any obstacle has been created after the
installation of the system, causing shading on the surface of the collector.
For example: if a satellite dish has been placed and denting part of the collector, if there are trees that have grown up and prevents the direct radiation of the sun to the collector, if a new building has been built and overshadows the collector.


The level of thermal fluid inside our solar system may have fallen from overheating, due to a long absence (summer holidays).
Using 2 wrenches, a 24 wrench for unscrew and a 23 wrench which will serve
as a counter force, you should unscrew safety valve and the cork of closed
circuit, located in the upper part of the storage tank.
With the help of a small funnel, fill the closed circuit with the anti- freezing
liquid, diluted with water in a 1:10 ratio, by pouring this mixture into 1 of the
2 tubes. The 2 tubes act as communicating vessels.
When pouring the solution to one end of the tube, the air comes out from the other end. Continue pouring the solution until it fills and it comes out on the other end. Since some bubbles will continue to come out, keep pouring
the solution until it comes out without any bubbles.
Screw back the safety valve and the cork using again 2 wrenches.
Moreover check all the system’s connections for possible leak.
It is preferable that such control was becoming at morning or afternoon
If a leak is found in one of the parts, you will have to resolve all the accessories, apply some sealant (e.g.Teflon) and put it back.
In this case you lose some fluid, which must be completed by the way it is described above.
A prerequisite is that once every 1 to 2 years, depending on the climatic
conditions, to add 1 litre of special thermal fluid on early winter.
If you have the creation of air bubbles inside the closed circuit, then you don’t have a proper circulation of the liquid, with the result that you do not hold thermosifon flow of the liquid in the circuit.
You have to vaporize the system, unscrewing slightly the pipe connecting the collectors to the storage tank (short tube from the collector to the upper right of the storage tank).
Unscrew the cork and safety valve, which are located in the upper part of the storage tank and fill with water until all the air is led out, even the last the last bubble.
Then, refill the thermal fluid lost in the process of vaporization, in the manner that is described above.
If the system is not working properly or has reduced performance, check the leveling system.


If the electric circuit is not working:


Is the switch on the electric table inoperative?

Is the safety on the electrical table inoperative?
Is the thermostat set up in less than 50 ° С.
Check the thermostat’s automatic backup thermoelectric safety.
It is not unusual after a long period of high temperatures to automatically switch on the thermostat’s thermal safety.
The thermostat’s thermoelectric safety is a tiny button, which can be found on the thermostat.
Use a screwdriver to press the button inwards to restore the resistance in operational mode. The master switch of the power supply must be closed.
If there was a problem in electrical resistance, turn the safety switch off from the electrical table and call the installer electrician.
For the smooth operation of the system over a long leave, cover collectors with an opaque cover, to avoid creating high temperature of the system. Disregarding this will bring evaporation of the solution of the closed-circuit, resulting in a problematic operation of the device.


Useful information for owners of solar systems SONNE Aktion:

With the purchase of a copper solar system SONNE Aktion, please be assured that you have made the best possible choice:
A product that has the maximum possible energy gain, which can cover your needs for hot water at a rate of 75% - 80% in one year.
In addition, through the lengthy guarantee is ensured the return on investment.

Generally, with the proper use of the system, coupled with the right choice of the capacity of the solar system SONNE AKTION ensures:

Saving about 600 kWh per m2 collector which your solar system has.
Reducing about 40% to the account of electricity.
Reliable and modern technology.
Guaranty of long-term operation.
Comfort and quality of life.


The hardest time of year is winter.
The Sun is low on the horizon, the hours of sunshine are few, the environmental temperature is low and most importantly the water temperature is low.
The main factors impacting on the final temperature of the water is:

The ambient temperature.
The sunshine.
The water temperature inside the solar system, especially in the early morning hours.
Also, it's good to know that for each litre of hot water you consume, the same amount of cold water is entering inside the system.
This mixing of hot water with cold water affects the temperature of water present inside solar system.
In this period you should look to make judicious use of hot water, while avoiding a continuous demand for small quantities of hot water.
In addition, during the winter months is preferable to use the hot water in large quantities (use of a bath) so the mixing of the cold water that would enter in storage tank do not affect much the stored hot water.
The company is always available for any questions or information relating to the copper solar systems SONNE AKTION.

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